Our Philosophy


There’s a moment when you realize life happens now. 

After raising our children, we found ourselves taking stock and despite having successful careers, we felt the desire to explore a few interests we’d put on the back burner and find more opportunities to connect with family and friends. Our family has always been close and as our sons grow older, creating ways to maintain that bond was top on our priority list. So, in 2013, we started a business together to produce artisan beer in Broomfield, Colorado and began construction on Four Noses Brewing Co.  We released our first beer in late 2014.

Food, friends, get-togethers and the belief that nearly every occasion can be turned into a special moment led us to acquire a vineyard property just outside the town of St. Helena. We set to work with Thomas Rivers Brown and Jim Barbour to develop a world-class winegrowing estate and produce a Cabernet Sauvignon and Chenin Blanc reflecting the character of our tiny 6-acre vineyard. Named QTR, the first vintage of our Cabernet Sauvignon was released in early 2014, while our first Chenin Blanc was released in early 2017.

We’re extremely grateful for the love, support and enthusiasm of our family and friends as we’ve worked these past few years on Four Noses Brewing Co and QTR.  As we approach the launch of both companies, we give a toast to those who share our philosophy that ‘just living’ is never enough. 

– Natan and Jessica Bibliowicz, Vintners